All groundwater wells in Dimmit, La Salle, and Zavala Counties are subject to the jurisdiction of the Wintergarden Groundwater Conservation District (the District).  This is a notice to all groundwater well owners, groundwater well operators, or those persons applying to register or permit a groundwater well; and groundwater well drillers, pump installers, or anyone authorized to alter or rework a groundwater well.

The rules and regulations of the District require that all new water wells must be registered and/or permitted with the District prior to drilling.  No person may commence to drill or operate a water well without first applying and obtaining a well registration or well permit from the District.  In addition, all existing wells, regardless of the date of installation, are required to be registered and/or permitted with the District.  For further explanation of registration and permitting and all applicable fees, please see the District’s Rules and Regulations or contact the District office.

No person shall re-work, re-drill, or re-equip a well in a manner that would increase the well’s maximum rate of production of groundwater above the well’s previous annual groundwater production level, increase the well’s previous rate of withdrawal, or change the purpose or place of use of groundwater without first applying for and obtaining a well permit or well permit amendment from the District.

For further explanation of this information in this notice, please contact the District office at 830-876-3801, or send an email to  The District’s Rules and Regulations may be viewed on our website at wgcd.netIf you are unsure if your water well is registered or permitted with the District, please contact our office.